Print HTML Page Using JavaScript

Hi Friends, In this article i would like to share how to print the current web page using javascript.
<head><title>print this page using javascript</title>
<a href="JavaScript:window.print();">Print this page</a>

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Most frequently asked interview questions

Hi friends, most of interviews asking these question only. If you prepare well then you got the job.
1)      Explain your project? ---Should explain your project minimum 30min.
2)      Explain difference frameworks in .net?
3)      What is the D/B interface and abstract and explain?
4)      What is use of private and static constructors and where u can use?
5)      What is Reflection?
6)      What is D/B Shared and Private Assemblers?
7)      What is the indexer and explain?
8)      What is the uses of Lambda expressions ?

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Difference between delete and truncate commands in sql

Hi friends,In this article i would like to explain delete and trncate commands.
a) It is DML command and speed is slow.
b) Remove rows one by one and we can use where clause
c) we can rollback and fires trigger.
a) It is DDL command and speed is faster.
b) Remove all rows in one execution and we can't use where clause.
c) We can't rollback and does't fire trigger.

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