JQuery pagination in asp.net

Hi Friends In this article I would like to explain the pagination using JQuery. I have taken a double dimensional array and insert 148 records, and set the page size is 10 records. Bind the each page records, when user clicks the page.
Note: If you want to bind the records form data base, then replace the array with db details.
Now go to explanation:

Step 1:
First we have to add jquery-1.6.1.js file in your application.Click here to download this js file.
Step 2: add this JQuery functionalities in your script block.

Step 3: add this css in your style sheet.

Step 4: HTML Body

Example of Pagination using JQuery and Javascript
Step 5:
That’s it. I hope you like this tutorial, and the above entire code is place in single html file.

Final words
Click here to download this code



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