Jquery Datatable rowspan and colspan in Asp.Net

Hi friends, Today i am going to explain the topic of "Jquery Datatable rowspan and colspan in Asp.Net". Before you are doing this example, you should be add jquery plug-in into your project. Now I explain how to make datatable colspan and rowsapn using jquery.

Now, you just include the following Script and CSS links in your web page head tag, these plug in available in jquery.com or click here to download complete application

Final Out Put Screen:

Copy and paste the following code in your .aspx page.

Add this Code in Head Section:

here I took json string, if you want to get the data from data base then use jquery ajax and call the (Web service/WCF) method and convert to json format.

Add this Code in Body Section:
Loading data from server
That's It Friends,



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